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Javier Ronceros - Acting Coach

Javier Ronceros has been an actor for over 30 years in Film, Television and Theatre and has worked with numerous award winning actors, producers & directors such as Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Sean Anders, Octavia Spencer, Tony Hale, Zachary Levi, John Goodman, Haskell Wexler, Norman Jewison, Danny DeVito, Joe Pesci and Gregory Peck. He has taught acting at the SAG Conservatory Los Angeles, American Film Institute and privately for many years. Javier is also an award winning Director and Writer.


Performance Critique – 45 mins The main focus of the performance critique is in the presentation of the material and also to show the personality of the individual. In addition, the performance is captured on video which allows the viewer to see what the performance looks like on camera.

Private Classes – 45 min

I. Perfecting Your Monologue : A properly chosen monologue should feel as if the monologue was written specifically for you. 

2. Film & TV Audition: Making strong choices and being prepared to be directed in a different way are essential. 

3. Cold Reading for Commercials: Cold reading lifting the words off the page, keeping the copy at camera level and off to the side, so the camera can see your eyes, and allowing your true personality to shine through the reading. 

4. The Business of Acting: Headshots, CVs, resumes, representation are all considerations that are important to the actor, but none is more important than being professional and knowing what you are selling (your act).

Available Classes & Critiques

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Student Preparation: The actor should have a good idea of what aspect of their craft they would like to work on. Be prepared to take notes on character believability and self discovery as an artist. An acting coach and the actor is a collaborative partnership. The actor must do the work. Make sure that the area is brightly lit, quiet, and, preferably, and with no background distractions. The subject should be should be off book and well rehearsed. Have more than one piece to perform.