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Amy Morgan - Dance Coach

Amy Morgan is a professional dancer, educator and choreographer signed with MSA Agency in Los Angeles, CA. Trained at Broadway Dance Center and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in NYC and graduated with a BA from Fordham University. Amy has had the honor of performing with Beyoncé at the MTV Video Music Awards directed by Chris Grant and Dana Foglia as well as the Billboard awards directed by Frank Gatson. She teaches at the famed Millennium Dance Complex and T.Milly Dance Studio in Los Angeles.


Performance Critique – 45 mins: Critiques will be catered to the individual dancer as far as what to work on technique wise with a 1 on 1 discussion to better understand what student wants to get across with their performance as far as the story telling aspect of their routine as well as to understand overall dance goals of the individual. Critiques and private classes are open to any other questions about dance and the industry including auditions, costumes, makeup, how to take care of one’s body etc.

Private Class – 45 mins: Student will learn at a pace that works for them so that they can work on not only learning the choreography and technique but learn HOW to pick up the choreography in a way that works for them. The 4 classes I offer are Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Heels.

1. Hip Hop: A performance heavy class focusing on grooves, staying in the pocket of the music and having fun!

2. Jazz: Classic technical jazz style including turns, kicks, leaps and emphasizing presentation of the upper body.

3. Contemporary: This class is based heavily on storytelling and emotions. The freeness of the movement lets us use
our body and our breath to tell the story.

4. Heels: Starting with how to properly pick out a heel to dance in, this class will focus on the technique of walking in a
heel as well as heels performance choreography, including floorwork.

Available Classes & Critiques

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Student Preparation: Access to internet/computer…adequate space to do your dance routine.