WCOPA Online Performance Academy

Dance Online Private Class or Critique

Performance Critiques and Private classes are vital to creating the best performance possible when you compete at WCOPA in Los Angeles. 

Once you have booked a session, Amy Morgan will contact you directly to discuss your goals and what you will accomplish in your time with him.

Both Performance Critiques and Private Classes are $140 and last 45 mins


Performance Critique

Student will learn at a pace that works for them so that they can work on not only learning the choreography and technique but learn HOW to pick up the choreography in a way that works for them. The 4 classes I offer are Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Heels.

Private Class

1. Hip Hop: A performance heavy class focusing on grooves, staying in the pocket of the music and having fun!

2. Jazz: Classic technical jazz style including turns, kicks, leaps and emphasizing presentation of the upper body.

3. Contemporary: This class is based heavily on storytelling and emotions. The freeness of the movement lets us use
our body and our breath to tell the story.

4. Heels: Starting with how to properly pick out a heel to dance in, this class will focus on the technique of walking in a
heel as well as heels performance choreography, including floorwork.


Student Preparation: Access to internet/computer…adequate space to do your dance routine.


*there are no refunds once the performance critique or private class has been taken or if a contestant doesn’t attend the session. Contestants must make a cancelation 48 hours prior to the booking to receive a full refund by emailing the instructor directly.