WCOPA Online Performance Academy

Vocal Online Private Class or Critique

Performance Critiques and Private classes are vital to creating the best performance possible when you compete at WCOPA in Los Angeles. 

Once you have booked a session, Ken Stacey will contact you directly to discuss your goals and what you will accomplish in your time with him.

Both Performance Critiques and Private Classes are $140 and last 45 mins

Performance Critique

The emphasis will be on over all vocal delivery and performance approach with guidance towards areas needing the most attention to maximize the overall performance!

Private Class

A private class will allow for a deeper dive into singing technique, communication stills, performance choices, tone production and the like.


Student Preparation: Since this will be over ZOOM, the prospective singer should have a backing track ready or they can accompany themselves. It is vital for sound quality that the singer has a USB Microphone (Blue Snowball or the like) plugged into their computer or IOS devise. Make sure ZOOM sees and is using it and make sure “Original Sound For Musicians” is engaged in the ZOOM settings. It is suggested that the singer record the lesson on ZOOM so they can reference the lesson for the future. Have an original or cover song prepared to perform. Good lighting and a decent hi res USB video camera are suggested as well. Also, it would be beneficial for the singer to use separate external speakers so they hear in the highest quality and not rely on built laptop or IOS speakers!


*there are no refunds once the performance critique or private class has been taken or if a contestant doesn’t attend the session. Contestants must make a cancelation 48 hours prior to the booking to receive a full refund by emailing the instructor directly.